Travel Inspiration

What’s your Travel Inspiration?  The chance to get away from the norm?  The opportunity to experience a new culture?  The relaxation of a great hotel and resort, leaving the household duties behind and recharging your batteries?  The vibrancy of a new city?  The journey itself?  Pure Wanderlust?

My first journey was when I was aged just two, and was a BOAC Boeing 707 (picture here for the younger readers) from London to Singapore, via Bombay (and should have been Rome too but it was snowbound).  Yes you have read it correctly; a scheduled flight from London used to go to Singapore via Rome AND Bombay.  The only reason most would go via anywhere now from London to Singapore is to get a cheaper fare, or to stick with their favourite airline and gain status points and miles.  I have been hooked on travelling ever since.

For me, at varying times, each one of the above has played its part, sometimes more than one element on a trip.  The chance to get away from the norm of a working week is high on many peoples priorities, mine included, and so I go away to avoid the norm, but on the same trip may also embrace a different culture.  The most dramatic of such trips was a weekend in Istanbul.

A chance to leave the household duties behind is never to be underestimated, and relaxing in ones chosen resort will undoubtedly enable those chores to, albeit briefly, become a furthermost thought.  Recharging your batteries while on a beach spa overlooking seas as calm as the mediation you will later attend while the sun shines in all its glory is heaven for many.

The never ending growth of the Low Cost Carrier routes to airports which we often have to look up to see what country they’re in, never mind what city they serve, has granted tremendous opportunity for breaks to cities of all cultures, size and vibrancy.